Why you should repair your appliance?

Instead of buying a new one.

Appliances prices have not increased for 30 years, yet prices have been climbing because of inflation. It is easy to see that today's devices are not comparable to those of the past in terms of quality / price..

Here is an example:
In 1981, a washing machine that sold for about $540 is still selling the same price 30 years later. Considering inflation, we can conclude that the washer would be $1300 in today's dollars. The price difference is huge and it shows that the washing machine today can not be of the same quality as the one of the past..

Today's appliances require to be maintain about every 5 years. Some people will tell you to buy new appliances when it breaks, but look at the following table by considering the following fact: "You change your appliances every 5 years on a 20-year period, so you buy new appliances 4 time."

To buy an average washer and dryer it will cost about $1000, this would cost $4000 for less than 20 years. But if you repair them instead, it will cost about $150 to be repair and $1000 to buy it the first time for a total of 1450$It's a big savings of $2550, enough to pay for a nice trip!

Because of their superior quality, an appliance that is 17 years old would not have to be repair more frequently than a new appliance.

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